Millions saw an apple fall-
only Newton asked LAMA

LAMA means WHY in Hebrew.

LAMA, an innovative non-fiction imprint for young readers aims to inspire the love and joy of learning and stimulate young minds to ask questions and look for answers, for a better future for all of us. 

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Yael Molchadsky

For the past decade Yael served as director of Children’s and YA books at Kinneret-Zmora-Dvir publishing house.

Under her management the department became a leading force in the Israeli children’s books market and many of today’s prized authors began their career under Yael’s guidance. She has developed an in-house foreign rights department and dozens of Hebrew children’s books have been translated and published abroad. Yael herself has written, translated, edited and initiated successful books and series, always striving to combine literary merit with commercial viability

Yael is a highly driven and creative editor, who knows how to carry a project from a concept into a book. She has an eye for talent and engages the best writers and illustrators. She has a total commitment to her work, and a broad understanding and experience in publishing books for young readers. She has earned the respect and friendship of many people in the industry and has strong connections with key figures and institutions in Israel and abroad. 

Daniel Dolinger

For the past decade Daniel has been busy marketing and selling the written word, as head of sales and marketing in the Haaretz media group and as Marketing Director at Kinneret-Zmora-Dvir publishing house. 

He has gained extensive experience in all aspects of publishing and especially in marketing, publicity, public relations and sales, and developed close working relationships with leading figures in the book retail market. In his position at Kinneret-Zmora-Dvir he is managing a turnover of tens of millions a year and is leading the business development of the company.

His dynamic personality, marked by initiative and ingenuity is a driving force for innovation and growth, and his executive and administrative talents enable him to implement his ideas and plans in an ever-changing publishing world. 


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By: Avirama Golan

What do the Williams sisters, the Wright brothers and the Grimke sisters have in common? They all joined forces and made a mark on the world. SIBS takes young readers on a biographical journey to explore the secret force of kinship, a force that led to great achievements in science, literature, sports and the arts.